About Us

SouBella Boutique is a newly-born company that is created by the world's most talented craftsman. It is our goal to serve the best quality apparels to you. The materials that we choose to use includes: silk, felt, cashmere, organic paint, pashmina, cotton, and moreover some of our scarves and shawls embroidered with sequins and beads.

As we sell the handmade ponchos and scarves our purpose is just not to make a profit, is also to meet with the customers needs. Our mission is to introduce these unique, high-quality and hand-made textiles to the world. It is our purpose to design the best ponchos and scarves, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST.” Every single good that has been created goes through special process and detail work. 

These highly detailed artworks are the results of true love, passion and dedication. You can use these soft, flowing and lightweight ponchos and the scarves with any outfit you choose. They go great with something as simple as a pair of jeans or more formal look over.